Thessaloniki Concert Hall

25is Martiou &,
GR-54646, Thessaloniki

The two buildings (M1 and M2) of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall were built with the aim to provide a contemporary cultural and conference centre of international standards.
Since its inauguration in 2000, it has recorded numerous successful productions, ranging from music concerts and operas to opening ceremonies and international conventions.
The Thessaloniki Concert Hall is designed to offer optimum functionality; it has an exceptional acoustics, a main hall of 1,400 seats and a wide reception foyer.
Filled with natural light and enjoying a superb view to the sea, M2’s foyer is a vast space on three levels and adjoins the building’s important spaces. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and an exceptional infrastructure, the Amphitheatre Hall can seat up to 500 guests, whereas the Flat Hall can seat 300. Underneath M2 lies a two-level underground parking of 11,800 sqm for over 230 vehicles.

Parking facilities at the congress venue:

The underground parking of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, which is located in building M2, has started operating and counts 200 lots.

  • Wednesday May 31, 2023: € 8,00 / day
  • Thursday June 1, 2023: € 8,00 / day
  • Friday June 2, 2023: € 4,00 / day