Elena Canelli

Elena Canelli graduated (DVM) from the University of Parma (Italy) in 2006, and obtained a postgraduate specialization in Animal Health and Livestock Productions. She achieved the PhD in Biotechnology applied to Veterinary Sciences from the University of Milan and a second-level master’s degree in Molecular Virology from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacology at La Sapienza University (Rome). She has been working for eight years at the Italian public health laboratory, in Brescia (IZSLER) and Rome (IZSLT), focusing on viral diseases and diagnostics of livestock animals. After a 4-years post-doctoral position at the Veterinary Clinical Medicine Unit of the University of Parma, studying swine immunology and vaccinology, she is nowadays an Adjunct Professor for the same University. She currently works in the field, as part of the sanitary technical service for swine farms, of an Italian feed company (PBA srl).