Adrian Balaban
Fatrom Feed Additives S.R.L, Fermeplus S.R.L


  • University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine – Bucharest, Romania
    BA, Doctor Veterinary Surgeon (DVM) 2005
  • BISA Swine Academy 2015, Ames, Iowa State University
  • BISA LEAD 2017-2018, Ames, Iowa State University
  • Professional development programs for veterinary practitioners
  • Participations in IPVS 2010 Vancouver- Canada, IPVS 2012 Jeju- South Korea, IPVS 2016 Dublin Ireland, IPVS 2018
  • In the last 15 years attended different training periods in Holland and US for pig health, pig farm management, laboratory investigations and pig genetics, AI stations, biosecurity of livestock production systems


  • President of the Romanian Association of Swine veterinarians since 2016
  • Member in the Board of directors of the Romanian Pig meat producers Association (APCPR) since 2011
  • Member in the American Association of Swine Veterinarians 2017
  • Member in the EAPHM European Association for Porcine Health Management since 2014
  • Member in the work Group Pig meat of the Romanian Meat Classification Committee 2011
  • Member of “Swine & Wine Group” since 2015
  • Participated as representative of APCPR to D.G. Agro. , D.G. Sante. meetings in Brussels,
  • Participated as representative of APCPR to ministerial negotiations, law development applied for the pig sector
  • Veterinary consultant for FAO of UN since 2020


Primary Functional Expertise – swine veterinarian

  • 2005- veterinarian in FATROM feed additives, premix and feed production- Technical support responsible for swine
  • Since 2006- General Manager Fermeplus SRL 4600 sows
  • Since 2010 Director Cooperativa Silistea Productie Suine CA – 14 pigs farms
  • In total managing directly 8800 sows, 65000 places finishers, 18000 places for weaners.
  • Consultancy in health management and pig production for other 10000 sows farrow to finish, more than 75000 places for finishers, AI station
  • Pig farm Biosecurity expert, presentations: Bergen, Norway 2018, Bucharest, Romania 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, Bulgaria, 2018, 2019, China 2019, USA 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, North Macedonia 2020

Secondary Functional Expertise

  • Since 2005 sales representative of Topigs Norsvin in Romania
  • Since 2006 Topigs Norsvin breeding farm management, breeding program coordinator